Saturday, July 8, 2017

Like a butterfly

Like a butterfly,
trying to spread my wings up high,

Like a butterfly,
Trapped in a glass of jar.
Trapped in a safe and comfortable place,
but unable to fly out and witness the beauty,
unable to feel the danger and learn to survive on its own,
unable to make own decisions to either fly or stay.

Flying up and down,
trying to find own freedom,
trying to fight against the big glass of jar,
but only could hear the sounds,
sounds of people,
telling it that, it's for its own good.
that the world out there is dangerous,
that staying in the glass jar is safe,
that all it will get from flying out,
is a waste of time, energy and resources.

It could only listen and fight quietly,
it could only listen and follow the order,
waiting for another person to open that jar?
the butterfly has given up all its hopes on that.
It could only hope that one day,
it could fight again and make its way out of the glass jar.
Make its way out into the "dangerous yet beautiful" world out there,
and be itself.
To fly and experience all the experiences it should have experienced in the first place.

Keep the faith, dear butterfly.
You will one day leave this glass of jar,
and fly up high.
Just keep holding on,
dear butterfly,
dear me.



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