Wednesday, November 16, 2011

250th post.

grateful to God that everything went smoothly throughout the year...
met wit a lot of people and make lots of new friends..
some left, some come and stay..
became Cinderella for a night when i thought thrs little possibility..
met wit someone that changes my life in and out..
maintain super-awesome friendship with my BFF..
went thru disappointment in test but rise up and make changes...
went for camp (first time!) and KL (first time too!)...
had da best bday ever..
met reli cool lecturers and went thru great time in lecture class (though at times its tiring)
completed assignments and juz praying that evrythin is ok..
my wish came true during da cny night...

and all i can say is,
thank u to my BFF for stayin at my side all this while, went thru ups and downs wit me and of course, for letting me bugging u at all times.. haha..
thank u to my piggy for entering my life and never left after since, as well as changin my life in and out too...
thanx for creating wonderful and great memories for me..
and thanx to evryone whose directly or indirectly involved in my life.. all of u made a presence and changes in my life, making me a better person in one way or another..

anywayz, all i can hope now is for a good result, good relationship as well as harmony in whatever im gonna do nxt yr.. hehe... im gonna miss my piggy during holidays....

=love u=


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