Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Her wedding

As I was on my way to Kuching to catch the earliest flight to Sibu,
all I was thinking was about how things were going on her side.
Last Saturday was my best friend's wedding,
and in order to be there as a witness to this magical moment,
I sacrificed my classes on the weekend,
and took a ride to Kuching and stayed overnight alone before leaving at the earliest flight.

I was really grateful with the people that have helped me along the journey,
my new friends as well as my cousins who had reduced my loneliness into bits during one night at Kuching.
I remembered waking super early to get ready for my flight,
and during my journey from Kuching to Sibu,
I was anxious as I was worried I wouldn't witness her first part of the ceremony at her home.
Luckily, I was able to reach on time,
and spent the hours with her while trying to make her feel calm and happy by cracking silly jokes.

And the time came for her father and family members to send her off to her husband.
I remembered seeing her crying badly,
and I was moved to tears as well.
I was trying to hold back but shedding tears was a must,
I, too, was sad to send her off to her new life,
but as the closest person to her, I was happy that she has finally settled down with the man that was right for her.

After the first part, I went to her reception,
took pictures with her and kept reminding her to smile,
and that, she should be happy on this day.
As I was in a rush, I had to leave early before I bid her farewell.
When I reached the airport and was leaving to Miri,
I had mixed feelings.
I was happy to see her settling down with her love,
while I am still in pursuit for the right man to settle down.
I was happy to see her gain another plus one,
while I am somehow losing my grip and back to being the only one.
I was happy to see her beginning a new life with her plus one,
while I am still somehow re-setting my life.

No matter what happens, to my best friend,
I wish you all the happiness and love in your newly-found life,
I am not sure if you would ever read this,
but remember that, no matter what happens in your marriage,
you can always depend on me.
May your marriage be blessed with lots of love and happiness,
and that, I am able to the best Auntie to your children,
and may I, too, will be the next one to walk down the aisle
with the love of my life.



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