Tuesday, February 7, 2012


after a good weekends, its time to face reality.. and its getting more and more hectic.. i mean, seriously.. thrs like never-ending chores to do and all this are actually making me freak out... its like, when u wake up in da morning, there are always thing to do... even before u go to sleep, ur brain juz keep telling u that tomolo is another busy day...

sigh.. they say this is life of a college students.. and if ur not experiencing all these, its not called life.. and when we graduate, thrs much more waitin for us.. how i wish i never grew up tat fast.. its difficult being an adult at times, u noe.. sigh.. even when i enjoyed my weekend in kk like so much, but when im back to reality, it juz seems like i've never been to kk at all.. sigh.. good times sure flies fast right?

but am tryin to appreciate my time here coz am gonna be graduatin in like 2 more yrs.. and of course im gonna miss all da memories created here and there.. sigh.. but if and only if its not this hectic.. but i guess i gotta be strong... coz that's all i can do..



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