Monday, January 30, 2012

after hols.

yeap, like wat da title mentioned above, cny hols juz finished and am back to routine life here.. well, im much stronger compared to last time and yeah, more enthusiastic in doin what in doin right now.. holidays with my parents and spending quality time with them makes me miss them a lot.. but i guess this is life.. life requires us to move on step by step independently.. we cant always depend on our parents till we're old right?

back to life, of course lectures, assignments and activities are waiting to be completed.. kinda worry of the time but am making sure to spend my time preciously... and this covers not only with my studies life but also with my r/ship.. lookin back at past weeks makes me think on why did i chose to think so much and making myself insecure.. and eventually i got my own answer and now is da time to change.. all da too-much-thinking has make me insecure and not him.. i guess its all my fault for thinkin so much.. so no more thinking too much and start to think positive all da time.. besides, i trust him a lot and i cant bear let my thinking-too-much to ruin our r/ship.. all i can do is to pray and hope that evrythin will go smoothly..

well, i guess those are my updates for da night.. hehe.. will update again soon. =)



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