Monday, February 13, 2012

its valentine!

Valentine's day tomolo and of course, everyone is excited about it including me.. when i was still in my secondary school, i came across this day and wondered what it is all about.. at that time, ppl told me that it was only meant for those who have partners or "couple".. and that is the time when delivery of flowers, cakes, chocolates, teddy bears were made from class to class.. and all i did was waitin at my seat and wait for my name to be called, but nothin happened.. and it lasted for quite some time which kinda make u feel lonely seeing ur friends getting packages from their secret admirers or big teddies and bouquet of roses from their special ones..

but as i get mature, i realise that valentine's day isnt specially made for couples, but also for friends and family.. its a day to show our love to one another and that include our family and friends.. this year, am gonna be celebrating alone.. though thrs no special candle-light dinner, or expensive gifts, but thoughts that matter the most..

what i want for valentine's day is a good memory which we can always recap when we're old.. i mean when we juz sit there and hav a chat, we hav something to reminisce when it comes to celebrating valentine's day.. i mean that will be more meaningful, dont u thinks so? instead of receiving roses (that wilt and die eventually), teddy bear (which i think starts to take some spaces), chocolates (which will be finished in split seconds and eventually getting sore throats) and all those expensive gifts (which will make my piggy broke), i think i juz wanna create some moments with him on this special day...

well, everyday is a valentine's day.. and everyday is a day for us to express our love in our own sincerest way.. hehe..

i love my piggy.


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