Monday, March 5, 2012

bad day.

u know how much i love to blog, no matter when its on small matter or on big matter, or whether i am in a good mood, bad mood sad mood or whatever mood.. and i guess right now, my mood is more on the angry mood. i mean things never go my way...

there are stuffs that i have delegate to people to do.. coz ppl told me to trust on those who have been elected for the job... and of course im like handing da stuffs that ppl supposed to do and i would do my own work... but ppl never stop deceivin me... i mean i trust u on this job so u do it accordingly.. come on, u think ur da only one whose busy in life and im like sitting on a comfy armchair juz givin orders to u ppl.. if and only if my life is that easy!

sheesh... so try standing in my own position.. try being in my position where ppl scolded u for somethin u didnt do. try getting blames and labels telling that u procrastinate for somethin that u didnt do.. try being in a situation where u have to do everything on ur own without trusting ppl... or better still, trying being me...

u and i face da same situation.. we juggle our time between assignments and life... we manage out time being activities that u were da one who suggested and eventually completely conducted by me.. sometimes, i get so sick being myself and how i wish i can change my soul with u and putting u into me... try being a person who cannot get mad because u cant stand being hated on, try being a person who has to pretend to be happy and cool about everything when da real thing is u hate that situation.. try being a person who has to put on a fake mask in front of everyone so that no one can see ur weaker side... try being me!

sometimes things reli get hard for me.. but who actually cares right.. only me, myself and i who knows ow does it really feel..



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