Thursday, March 22, 2012

when i thought it was easy.

PBS or SBE aka School-Based Experience for this semester requires us to actually conduct activity in the classroom which fulfills out assignment... and when all of us thought it would be easy since they are juz kids, so we especially i thought it would be an easy task... but it was super difficult.. maybe its different for those whose doin their PBS back at home whr they chose schools that have pupils that are proficient enough in the language..

the school i went to this semester has pupils who are totally not interested in english, super naughty ones who doent listen to u no matter how mad are u and some who are totally not into u... and now i understand the feelings of a teacher especially for the beginners.. its just so difficult to get the pupils' attention back to u when they are distracted, difficult to converse in english with them since they dont understand, difficult to fulfill everyone's needs since they are of different levels.. 

but i guess this is just a beginning.. there are more to come and if i give up on this, i would be giving up on my favourite career all this while.. i gotta be strong and learn from the mistakes that i did today.. will re-evaluate myself and fix myself up before practicum next year... gotta prove to those who look down at me that i can excel in my own ways too... GAMBATEH KUDASAI! FIGHTING! 

=im gonna excel=


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