Monday, August 27, 2012

after holidays.

well, holidays juz ended and i seriously cant wait for the end of da semester...
i mean da end of da yr hols is like so much longer and i juz cant wait for it..
anywayz, i went back a week earlier since im havin my PBS back at Limbang.. and yeah, i enjoyed it like a lot.. coz da kids there are like so cute and i was like thinking, can i have kids like them? haha.. after PBS, i went back home and spent my time back at home which is so much fun and relaxing... and yeah, completed several assignments as in drafts while having good food at home..

and now, am back at my 2nd home and when i reached here, i received a sad news where one of my batch-mate has passed away in his sleep.. it is really sad since his presence will be really missed by all of us... anywayz, like what my lecturer said, God gives God takes.. for those who is still living, we really have to take good care of ourselves and our health... and appreciate every single moment in our lives..

well, as for me, am preparing myself for upcoming camp and yeah, assignments fever right now where all of us will be competing with time to finish their assignments.. and when everythin is done, it will be exam and then da best part, holidays! Hope that everythin will go well and work out as what have already been planned earlier by God... ^^



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