Thursday, February 14, 2013


Its Thurday which coincides with Valentine's day..
well, lucky me coz im back home and locked out from the society who might be now holding hands, walking together, looking all lovey-dovey and stuffs like that..
somehow, i need a break from looking at those stuffs...
coz love isnt as wonderful as one might thought it would be..

well, it wouldnt be great spoiling ppl's mood about love..
but for me, if u love someone, everyday is Valentine's day..
we dont need one particular date to remind us how much we love someone..
well, i love ppl around me that loves me too..
those who cherished me in their life, i love all of u..
those who brought light and laughter in my life, i love u guys for making laugh till i drop..
for those who left and gave me unwanted memories, i love u ppl too coz without u ppl, i wouldnt know the right ways to go and how harsh reality is..

so, in conclusion, Happy Valentine's day to those whose single and taken..
those whose single, ur Mr/Mrs. Valentine might be still searching for u.. so just wait for God's miracle..
for those whose taken, love the ones u have and appreciate them like how they love and appreciate u..



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