Thursday, February 28, 2013

28.02.2013 (part 1)

well, if u realised that this post is being divided into part in which i would like to start off with something with less burden.. and of course its about my life.. haha.. so i gut bugged up by this status update by a friend of mine and somehow what he said was true... we all need to have trust within a friendship.. and if we trust one another, we would tell stuffs to them and make them feel important.. i mean i feel important when people tell me stuffs that they rarely tell to others.. so when i read that, it actually sparked me to reflect and thought of what i have been doing..

sitting in a corner and hiding away the truth does not make me move on, but instead make me stuck to a position and also have to bear with what ppl thought otherwise.. so i took the courageous step to say that i would answer the truth whenever ppl ask.. and i told this friend of mine.. reaction was unexpectably big and yeah, i could imagine why he was shocked with the sudden confession.,, but the aftermath was good.. i received compliments and words of advice that really make me feel that by doing this decision, i would certainly help me to move another step further..

sometimes making the first move is super difficult but in order to stay alive and make wonders in life, i told myself to lift my head up and start to move.. because once im stuck, the feeling would never fade and i would suffer in silence again.. its time to move out of the corner and start looking at the rays of sunlight that just awaits for me to create miracles again...

so, right now, i feel much better..
much better than before.. =)



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