Friday, January 20, 2017

Last night

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Last night was an important night for her.
She got dressed up well,
holding gifts that she had made and bought,
waiting patiently,
until she saw his shadows, 
and finally saw him coming towards her.

It was his day.
She walked towards him and smiled,
and together, they went to their usual spot for a dinner,
chattering endlessly about so many things,
and laughing the night out.
They went to small stores nearby,
where he bought his own things,
while she always made sure to be near to him,
in case she got lost.
And he always turned his back and made sure she is there.

She felt safe with him.
After that, they went and sit at the bench while waiting for her train to come.
She gave him the first gift,
chocolate mousse instead of cake.
He smiled while listening to her reason of choice.
Then she gave him the second gift,
and for the first time,
she felt nervous while watching him opening it.
It was a box with handmade cards, drawn and coloured by herself.
He smiled broadly and couldn't say anything seeing it.
And she was happy, seeing his reaction.
It meant a lot to her,
seeing that all her gifts are appreciated,
and able to make him smile that way.

Her train carriage arrived,
she went up,
waved goodbye to him,
and smiled.
She walked towards her train carriage, 
smiling and couldn't stop feeling happy for what she has done.
Though her friends said that she is insane for being happy on things that aren't clear at all,
she smiles.
Sometimes, what made us happy is the things that we can't see or touch.
It is the things that we feel. 
And that matters the most.



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