Thursday, October 19, 2017

A little trip

Few days ago, I planned a trip with my best friend, her fiance and my friend to KK.
The original plan was to go down the memory lane by re-visiting our old campus,
and spending time together around the places in Sabah.
I was really nervous and excited for this trip,
as I did not see my best friend for a year,
and I was also nervous on how to interact with my friend during that four days.

On the first day, when we touched down at KK,
the weather was terrible.
But I spent a great time with my friends,
as we went eating, talking, walking around and just spending time together.
Sharing and talking bout things that would never stopped making me laugh and smile.
As second day approached, the weather got worst,
and I experienced strong wind and endless downpour throughout the trip.
But like what he told me, "if it rains, then we shall dance in it."

And we did.
We spent a lot of time,
talking, creating new memories and sharing our feelings as well as experiences.
Third day was disappointing as I didn't get to go to Keningau due to the terrible weather.
But it was in the midst of disappointment, arises encouragement and support,
that make me feel less terrible.
And the last day, which was today actually,
I felt a little sad as I did not get to say goodbye to my best friend before she left for her flight,
and having to go in our own separate ways like before.

At the end of the trip,
I learnt a lot about myself and my own feelings.
And I can say that,
I will miss that trip a lot.
The laughter, endless chattering, funny jokes,
the smiles, warmth, laughter,
and most important, the people in this trip.
It was a great time for me,
and I hope that we could do this again next time.



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