Thursday, November 24, 2011


holidays was meant to be a happy one but so many surprising things took place before holidays.. some were good ones and of course, some are totally surprising that reli took me aback.. well, things had changed and cannot be turned back already.. to da person we love so much, i hope ur happy wit ur decision.. its difficult to accept it for so many ppl out there including me.. but am tryin to accept u juz da way u are..

ppl are disappointed wit ur changes but for me, i guess u know what u make and i know tat u wont regret for da decision u made.. though u will change physically and in faith, but i guess ur juz another human being that need love and support, similar to all of us.. and from da situation tat i can judge in my perspective, its gonna be another difficult year to go thru... its gonna be another challenging year and im not too sure whether im ready for it.. sigh.,.. why does it hav to be so difficult for me?

i guess i need a lot of support from ppl around me including my piggy.. sigh.. i miss my piggy.. and hope he misses me thr too..

=do u think of me like i do?=


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