Tuesday, May 14, 2013


exam has started and yeah, all of us are now either revising or just relaxing our brain for a while.. for this semester, we are gonna be having only three papers and the following papers will be on next week.. so yeah, am taking a short break from dating with books.. had the first paper and i have no comment on it coz i have already did what i can do on that paper.. haha..

anywayz, was on facebook last night and seeing so many of my friends and seniors getting engaged and going to be someone's wives soon..
and seeing all these happiness makes me think,
will i ever be like them one day?
i guess a lot fo u (my readers) would think that, "Aiya, ur so young.. no need to rush la.."
well, i AM young but time waits no man (nor woman).. haha..
but no matter how much i wanted it or dreamt about it, no fate equals to no fate.. haha..
so, i guess i'll let the Big Guy up there to do all the arrangement..

so to all my readers who will be getting married or engaged soon, i wish u and ur partner to be happy always and blessed with abundance of love "til death do us apart"... and do pray for me that i too, will be blessed like all of u.. =)



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