Thursday, May 9, 2013


well, for those who knows me very well
u know how i love k-pop songs..
and fyi, i prefer so much on soundtracks or ost(s) of every k-drama that i watched..
i dont know, maybe bcoz these songs can be related to my life pretty well..
and for this semester, i got stuck with this drama, "Arang and The Magistrate"..
and pity me coz i couldnt finish it due to exams right in front of me..
(and yet, im still bloggin even though i haven finished revising yet.. haha)

well, the soundtracks are really nice and it just struck me up..
though i dont know what are the meanings of the songs, but believe it or not, it evoke my feelings..
it made me felt like the lyrics of the songs..
so i went and searched for the meanings of the songs, and yeah, i get it why it touches on me so much..
u wanna know why?
well, these are several links of the songs from the drama itself that just bring me to reality.. (dont open the link if u dont wanna feel emo.. haha... =D)

ooo, love the songs and how it just make me feel it.. =D

feelings: undescribed by words, felt with songs. =)


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