Monday, June 17, 2013

first day.

today is the first day after 3 weeks of lazying around at home where am back to my room in my hostel, and back to the same place i have been for quite a while back in college...

sometimes i wonder,
time really passes so fast,
everyone matures so fast,
others are leaving and graduating so fast..
and myself too, with only 1 more year to go
and im gonna be graduating without knowing what lies ahead for me..
sometimes im scared of the outside world,
scared of not knowing what will happen in the future..
but this is the part and parcel of life..

life is always movin,
and we must always ensure that we move according to the flow..
right now, i am ready to move with the flow..
yeah, i am ready..
and i hope i would not retreat back to square 1 like before this..
gotta be strong and keep walking ahead..



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