Wednesday, April 5, 2017

From the past

I believe things happen for a reason,
and people enters my life for a reason as well.
And despite how much I tried to leave the past behind,
there are times that I still looked back.

Looking back at the good times,
as well as the friends that I once had last time,
made me realise that I have not much friends left beside me after I am out in this world.
I realised that the action of totally cutting off from the past isn't the right thing to do,
and therefore, I went back to the past.
Going back to the past to pick up things that I shouldn't have left behind,
and I think I have done it right.

Contacting him back was a wise decision,
especially when I needed a man's advice on things that I have been going through.
And to be able to laugh at all the girly and silly jokes made by him,
made me realise that, sometimes, things from the past isn't made to hurt,
but it is a lesson and there are good things out from it.
With his presence back in my life,
it feels much more merrier,
whereby I know which channel to head to when I just need a good laugh.
He is someone whose like Barney,
the one who always stay at the side and cracking silly jokes,
just to annoy the hell out of me,
and yet, help me to see that this world is not only revolving around the problems I had.

I am lucky that I could still go back to the past,
and pick up things that I should't have left behind.
And, now it's time to keep moving forward,
and enough of being in the same place.
Whatever will be, will be.



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