Monday, August 14, 2017

La Vie En Rose

she sat near to her window,
and watched as the clouds started to cover the sky,
and all the stars were engulfed by the dark clouds.

She sat there and pondered,
when she heard someone playing with her ukulele.
And the lady started to sing a song that was so familiar to her.
She started to hum the tune of it,
and wrapped in her blanket,
she started to imagine.

She imagined meeting the man of her dream,
and walking down the aisle with him,
hand in hand with her white gown,
and a bouquet of fresh roses.
She will look amazing,
and while smiling,
she will look up to him,
and will tell him,
that she has never expected this day to finally come.

And on the wedding night,
the same tune will be played,
and that will be their first wedding dance.
As she slowly return back to reality,
she smiled to herself.
Though at times she felt like giving up,
and not wanting to continue to dream anymore,
there is some pieces of her who still hold on to this dream strong.

As the music started to slow down,
she placed her head on the table,
and started to hum again.

"La Vie En Rose"


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