Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wish to skip.

People tell,
People say,
enjoy the current moment,
enjoy the current life,
because we never know where will the next moment will take us.

People tell,
people say,
enjoy the current company,
laugh the most with the people around us now,
because we never know where will they be in the next moment.

People tell, 
People say, 
live life to the fullest,
do what you want right now,
because we never know if we will still be given the same chance in the next moment.

But sometimes,
just sometimes,
I wish I have a fast forward button,
and fast forward this life,
just to see what could be my ending.

Would I be happily engaged or married with a man,
who is also my best friend,
and building up my own family?
Or would I be pursuing a higher level in my career,
and receiving recognition from the people above,
for my accomplishment in whatever I am doing?
Or am I still going to be stuck in this mundane routine,
teaching and going back home,
sitting in front of the laptop like right now,
writing and writing endlessly?

I wish I can see what is written for me in the future,
but knowing that I can't,
I choose to continuosly be patient,
and make the right choices.
Maybe the choices that I make will determine the true path for my future.




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