Friday, January 20, 2012


im on holidays again!
chinese new year is coming and i cant wait to celebrate it back at home with my parents.. and yeah, with all da food n delicacies, i think im gonna gain weight.. hehe.. but nevertheless, its a chance for me to get away from all these hectic moments in college and spend some quality with myself.. and of course after the holidays, it will be another round of super hectic days with tonnes of assignments, lesson plannings as well as handling big festivals.. but overall, i think i will be able to learn something out of it, right?

goin back home means not meeting my best friends and my piggy.. am gonna miss them a lot though its only a one week break.. but im hoping that wehn im back, evrythin will resume normally like how it should have been.. may all da grudges, anger and stuffs like tat disappear into thin air when im back.. hehe.. and of course may we have a tighter bond between one another.. to my piggy, i hope we're gonna get even closer like before and spend a lot of times creating memories together.. hehe.. i love my piggy and besties.. =D

anywayz, wishing all of my faithful readers (if got) a happy chinese new year and may God bless ya owes.. may ur life be filled with prosperity, wealth and good health for da whole year.. =)



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