Monday, January 16, 2012


woots.. haven been updatin this bloggie for quite some time.. well, am kinda busy juggling my time here and there.. and yeah, this year i took up like a lot of challenges in my life.. but i guess i need to learn somethin new right? so, this year:
1. am da class monitor... and luckily da class is workin wit one another well, though i know the reality... but so far, i havent encountered any difficulties in managing the class...
2. am da head of committee in handling the upcoming chinese new year festival.. actually, i didnt plan to be da head of committee since i was juz joking here and there.. but i elect myself and took up da challenge so as to prove to everyone that i can do something.. though its not gonna be as grand like last year and not as perfect like last year, i will still try my best to do my best in ensuring its success...
3. studies are ok ok.. i mean this year, we wont be having super-extremely difficult papers anymore.. so am striving for excellene and of course compete with my own abilities.. i guess my priority is to do my best and make sure that it maintains... i always believe that those who laugh at u or look down on u will eventually envy you at da end of da day..

so i guess u can see how bz i am for this semester.. so many things have to be completed.. tonnes of assignment, lesson plans, micro-teaching and so forth, came attacking me one by one.. i guess i hav to be strong and start doin something..

-time waits for no man-


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