Saturday, November 10, 2012


finally, da day that i anticipates the most..
yeah, it's here and will be off for about one and a half month...
am anticipating what am i gonna be doing during thee holidays..

btw, am so thankful to all my friends who went to kk together...
though we din walk together, but we did spend time talking all nite right?
P.S. for the RM 7.80 slice of cake will be paid soon.. hehe.. (u know what im talkin right?)
and i was so happy that my piggy was thr!
i mean last yr he directly went back...
but this time, he actually willing to go KK early and spent time with me thr...
aaawww, he's sweet...
love u piggy~

well, this blog will be updated constantly with pics and feelings..
but overall,
i wanna wish everyone Happy Holidays and stay tuned to my latest posts ya..



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