Sunday, October 23, 2016

Interesting journey

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Do you still remember the girl on the train?
The one who continued her journey on the train alone?
I remembered she once said that she decided,
decided to push back all her books in front of her,
and getting her own cup of coffee.
But life has its own unexpected twist.

When she was getting up to get her own cup of coffee,
she saw it on her desk,
and the person who brought it for her.
She didnt expect his presence at all.
She smiled, 
and started to reconnect with him.
Like a long lost friend,
she had the most wonderful conversation with this person.
Something that she hasn't experienced for quite some time.

Everytime he came to her carriage,
they would talk endlessly,
laughed at each other's silly jokes,
and making plans ahead.
They shared their favourite books and shows,
commenting on every single thing that they saw when the train passed by.

For the first time,
she felt that her journey became less lonely.
For the first time,
she felt that her journey is getting more interesting.
And for the first time,
she smiles throughout her journey.
Indirectly, with his presence,
she finally found a little ray of light in her journey.



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