Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Today, someone asked me a question.
Is it weird to still be friends with my ex?
For a moment, I went quiet.
And I thought about it.
What will the "past-me" would answer this question?

If this question was asked to me 5 or 4 years back,
I would say yes.
It is indeed weird to still be friends with your ex.
Things have ended and shouldn't you step out from that circle?
And would it be fair to your new partner if you are still in contact with your ex?
Like what Stella says,
bringing your ex into your current life is like there are unresolved things between you two,
and there might be sparks between both of you,
which is unfair to your partner.

But when this question was asked to me right now,
I went neutral.
Yes, it is indeed weird.
Weird as both of us have shared a common feelings with one another,
doing things together and those memories are still there.
So it is indeed weird when we are back to friends with someone we once loved.
But, I don't think it's also fair for me to ask a person to cut off a friend,
even though they are exes.

You can say that I'm not thinking straight,
but everyone has their own principles and choices.
If the one you love is still friends with his/her ex,
don't condemn them.
But try to understand the reason why.
If he or she chooses you,
then work hard to keep the feelings aflame,
because if he/she couldn't move on from their ex,
you wouldn't be their next choice after all.
Just a little sharing of what I think of this question.

Then people would ask me instead,
if I am in the condition, what would I do?
My answer?
If he really loves me,
the choices are in his hands.
To either continue his friendship with his ex,
or to cut it off once and for all.
As for me,
I trust that the person whom chooses me to be a part in his life,
would know what is the best thing to do.



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