Sunday, May 7, 2017


Yesterday was a real fine day.
Spent my afternoon with a friend that I haven't met for quite a few days,
or was it weeks?
But it was nice catching up with him again,
went off for a family movie,
and it was really nice except that there are a lot of tear-jerking moments which would be perfect if it wasn't too quiet.
And then, head of to a food carnival at the local park here.

It was several "aawws" moment since this park is so near to my place, 
and yet, it is my very first time coming here.
There were a lot of food stalls around,
but we didn't buy anything,
maybe coz we just don't really feel like queuing up and enjoying all the hypes given to those food.
So we found a spot, 
sat there and talked.
It was even amazing having to seen half of a rainbow right at the place where we sat.
We talked, talked and talked until it started to get dark.
Went off for dinner under the dark night and talked about things happening around us,
and then went off for another movie which was unplanned.

It was a great time hanging out with him.
It helps me to release my stress and tension,
and eventually, break free to become the real me.
And all the movies we watched together were really nice,
and brings me to tears at the endings.
So, it was a great Saturday,
and now, I am more that ever ready for Monday. 

thank you for the time. 


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