Wednesday, April 18, 2018


She sat at the cafe,
looking at the slice of the cake in front of her,
and quietly sang a happy birthday song for herself,
while making her wish, 
blew the candle, 
and started to eat the cake.

She was happy at first,
but slowly,
she turned and looked out at the gloomy sky.
Tears started to run down her cheeks,
as she was eating her cake.
She wiped it away and told herself that it's stupid.
It's stupid to cry when she told herself that she should be strong.

She wiped off her tears,
and looked forward.
Suddenly, she saw a familiar face heading to her table,
with a smile,
and asking if he could accompany her for a while.
She nodded and there they sat,
talking and laughing about all the things they talked about.

After a while,
she stood up and they walked together to the door,
and bid farewell to one another.
As she walked forward,
she looked up and smiled,
behind those gloomy skies, there was a ray of light shining upon her face.

Though it was late,
she appreciated the effort,
the time
and the sincerity.



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