Sunday, April 15, 2018


Today is my 26th birthday.
How did it went, you might ask?
Well, the typical birthday that goes for everyone around me would be,
surprise party by friends,
or getting lavished with gifts and presents,
or getting to spend it with their loved ones,
or getting pampered and all.

Mine would be the simplest of all.
I went back to my family's place,
and had they yearly longevity noodles.
Bought my own cake,
placed my own candles,
made a wish, blew the candles off,
and then, that's it.

I guess, as I grew older and older,
birthday slowly turns into another typical day,
where people would leave me nice wishes,
and pleasant text messages,
and that's pretty much of it.

In my younger days,
I would be sad and lament about how my day went.
But now, I don't really feel a thing.
It's okay if my birthday isn't celebrated in a large scale,
or if I didn't get any presents or gifts,
or I didn't have that special one to celebrate with.

All that matters is that I am given another chance to continue to live in this world,
able to spend more time with my family and loved ones,
able to see and witness wonderful moments with my friends,
and able to be surrounded by wonderful people in my life.
I took a long time to realise this,
but I am glad to know that,
it's never the presents or gifts or surprises that I really wanted,
it's when people try to spend at least a little of their time to be with me no matter what's the occasion.
And that is what I call, sweet.



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