Wednesday, August 24, 2011


holidays are like so near and in fact im goin home on friday, takin da earliest flight off from kk and back to home.. and yeah, assignments are still pending but im gearing up to finish it up before packin and goin home..

well, goin home is sth i anticipate so much coz yeah, i miss my dad n mum especially when we shared on lots of stuffs that can make them laugh till they drop... hehe.. and i miss being at home especially home-cooked food.. so yeah, i cant wait to go home.. but one part of me kinda feel sad coz am gonna be unable to meet, chat, text and hang out with him..

and its not like for a day or two but its for a week or 10 days.. hmm.. well, i guess i need to overcome this obstacle and wait patiently to meet him after holidays... hehe.. and im sure gonna bring back sth.. hehe..

last but not least, am gonna be on holidays so this blog will be on holiday too.. hehe.. so juz wait for my updates when im back ya... i cant wait to come back and meet him but i dread da workload i hav to face when im back.. hmm..

=support me=


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