Monday, August 1, 2011


dont worry, am not sick as in sick physically.. but am sick mentally... ok procrastination landed on me and i cant back off from procrastinating till reality kicks in... yeap, lets see how many assignments due before my leave for raya holidays:

1. Literasi bahasa - tis week
2. BMK - tis week
3. Language Arts (2 tasks) - tis week and da week before im back home
4. Methodology.... - this week and after raya holidays which is after PBS

and im panicking... but eventually, i grab hold of myself from gettin panic attacks and end up being miserable... and i started to plan my steps.. though its super too late, but hey i did plan... so now am gonna gather up all my strength physicaaly and mentally, and get da work done before im could take a deep breath.. and i wont be letting go my part of fun bcoz of these assignments.. SO NOT gonna let assignments take it away coz im not allowin it... so in conclusion, more white hairs gonna be out again... sheesh.



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