Sunday, August 7, 2011


im being emo tonite... mayb coz of assignments in which im kinda worried... i mean da deadline istomorrow but y does it seem like u don care? its like not ur marks are involved but mine too.. thinkin on how i hav to prepare da whole thing and then u juz hav to fill in da blank... u might say tat im da one whose willing to do so but hav u ever thought that if im not doin it, will u be doin it? then ur gonna spread to da others sayin im oni doin my part, doesnt help lah, tis n tat lah..

sigh.. and bein emo is so not good.. coz its like evrythin is pissin u off... u get angry easily, cry easily and emotional breakdown in worse cases... and i nvr like myself when im being too sensitive... evrythin is wrong when its right... evryone is makin me angry when they are not doin it... and evrythin i c makes me feel super hyper sensitive... i guess i need a hug... as in a real hug tellin me tat evrythin will be ok..



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