Friday, August 19, 2011


thrs those ppl that i somehow despise in my life not often but at times.. u noe when u say ur wanna do sth and end up lettin other ppl doin it is wat i call ignorant... i mean when u say ur gonna do da stuffs, den please do it instead of procrastinating and wait till da very last moment to do it... and eventually, i cant stand such attitude so i took it and complete it.. and please, if u wanna leave any comment, do leave it before i did it... and not complaining and act as if u know evrythin.. if u noe evrythin den why dont u freakingly do it b4 goin to bed or havin ur leisure time.. and im so GRATEFUL its gonna be over by da holidays...

so in conclusion, if u wanna do sth tat u hav said, den please do it.. coz ur juz showin ur side which i hate da most... if u cant do it, den pass it to someone who can do it and do it in a faster rate instead of spendin time procrastinating... i do procrastinate but at least i know whrs my limit unlike u.... sheesh~

=wat da heck?!=


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