Thursday, August 18, 2011


this week has been a reli hectic week for me wit so many activities and works pending... and i hardly able to get some good nap which is vital for me.. and this results in mood swings and frequent actions of randomness... and i simply cant wait for da weekends to come.. i mean i juz wanna get out from this college and hav some real fun wit him... at least when im back, im fully energised and ready to complete all da stuffs b4 headin home for my raya hols..

today, im in a no mood situation and yeah, im angry... but i realise that i don like being angry esp when it wit someone i love.. coz it simply makes my heart aches and i hate that feeling.. so eventually, i let go of my anger and try to understand... and im sorry if my anger hurts anyone around me, u juz got me at da wrong side of da bed... and da good thing is im not angry anymore.. but mayb not reli in a mood to laugh like crazy unless its somethin worth laughin at...

=i love u so much!=


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