Friday, September 30, 2011


fragile is da word..
once broken, considered broken,
when u thought u can mend it, u simply cant,
coz cracks are thr and no matter how u glue it,
thrs da visible lines of cracks right there...

such a perfect, beautiful sight,
should only be given to those who deserve it,
and someone who would take reli good care of it,
instead of breaking it and mending it again and again,
sometimes, when u break it,
thrs no turning back..

lucky tat chances are given to u each time u crack it,
and yet appreciate is somethin u nvr did,
and now u broke it,
leaving it shattered,
and worse, leaving to tat person to mend it herself,
do u feel da way she felt?
do u cry da way she cried?
but da most important question here is,
does urs break like hers too?

=ur simply a jerk=


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