Friday, September 30, 2011

september ends.

its da end of september d and october is like rushing in like da waves.. and of course when october comes, its all about preparations for test and exams.. and for sure, long long hols are waitin for me! excited for gols coz its time where gatherin wit family will be held, havin lotsa relaxations and peace at mind, and da best thing is no stress from studies.. hehe... but am kinda sad coz cant meet wit my buddies and da most important thing is i hav to stand not seeing him for a month and half... TOO LONG! (am gonna be missin him so so da so so muchie!)

anywayz, UAK is on 10th oct and den fully preparing for da finals.. well all i could hope is evrythin will go well for me and him esp on this finals.. and may our results achieved what we hoped for.. hehe.. and of course may da day pass slowly coz i still wanna be wit him before da hols.. hehe...

=i i love u=


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