Sunday, September 25, 2011
there are times i dont understand myself..
i dont noe wat i want,
i don noe why i do certain stuffs,
and of course its like i dont recognise myself at times..

its like im afraid..
afraid of so many things...
afraid of upcomin exams n test,
afraid of being left alone,
afraid of being labeled as fussy,

and i dont noe why am i this afraid..
and bcoz of this, i tend to do things tat i don noe y i did it..
i tend to make myself sad for no apparent reason..
i tend to think a lot..
and i tend to judge myself..

this post is dedicated to those whom i accidentally hurt,
sorry, i didnt mean it..
didnt mean to get angry easily
didnt mean to cry easily..

=sigh, wats wrong wit me?=


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