Tuesday, September 13, 2011

general sharin~

somethin tat i wanted to post after listening and putting lots of thoughts in it.. and no worries, its so not bout me.. juz a general sharing... and of course several questions shud be posed here... those who could answer, do answer it for me... coz im so blur on these matters and why does it hav to be complicated... 

1. u c relationship is like playing see-saw and it requires two ppl right to play it right... so when u wanna hold on to it and ask for chances, why the heck u dont do ur best to appreciate it and eventually start doin the right thing? i mean, i seriously despise those who dont appreciate...

2. ur good now and then ur bad... ur sweet now and then ur bitter.. tats juz wat i can use to define jerk... u noe its been ages since the word jerk actually appear, and thanc to u, its appearing again.. i mean i dont noe which part of u pisses me off the most but wat u did is so effingly describes to me a jerk... can u stop being on n off and start to "stabilize" urself instead?

3. last but not least, if u love then love wit ur heart... when u say those three words "i love u", then mean it instead of sayin it like its so common.. plz la, those words could heal and kill... so y dont u tink of it properly before sayin it out again? sometimes i pity those who actually trusted those words and eventually got betrayer bcoz of it.. and im sick of seeing ppl who says it out as if its like nothing.. if u say it then take action and prove it instead of sayin it but hurtin ppl at the end of the story...

mayb im still new in these relationship thingy compared to those who have fallen in and out of love for like thousands of time.. but hey, if u hav feelings then others do have feelings too.. if ur prone to pain, wat more others u hurt intentionally or not... i dont reli wanna label u as jerk but based on wat u did, wat can i say, ur under my label if jerk.. and i might hav to be hypocrite when facing u... so THANX... sheesh.. u hurt ppl and then sayin tat ur hurt... so big question here, y hurt ppl when u noe ur gonna hurt bcoz of it?

=written when im angry=


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