Sunday, September 11, 2011


HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL!  though this year is similar to last year where am celebratin it wit a bunch of friends but am happy coz its still the friendly and fun atmosphere... i mean celebratin wit family is like way much better but since they are not here wit me, my buddies and him is the closest ppl i have... and its reli fun hanging out with them, talkin, laughin and sharin so many thing includin absurd ones... haha... i think im gonna miss this condition when i graduate... and somehow i don feel like graduatin so early.. coz this is the only time for me to share wit my frens, hang out together, sharing and most important listening to their stories.. i mean after graduating, we dont even know the chances to meet up wat more to say talk... and wit all the busyness and stress from work, i doubt about spendin time together like now...

so i guess, wat i shud say here is appreciate.. appreciate the time we have while spendin it wit our friends and loved ones, appreciate the moments we hav built together and most important, appreciate all the memories and gifts given by our friends and loved ones directly or indirectly... im appreciatin my moments and memories, how bout u?

=memories etched deep=



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