Sunday, April 22, 2012

i wish.

sometimes, im wishin for somethin that is so far away,
thinking of it hurts me and make me cry,
coz i dont know if im able to have it,
all i could is to stay strong,
and hope that im able to have it when the time comes.

right now, i tend to look at the present,
i dont dare to look to the future anymore,
bcoz im too afraid..
i dont wanna look behind coz im afraid im gonna cry again,
all i can do is to keep living each day,
and making memories everyday,
bcoz i dont know when will it end..

i promise myself to be strong,
but right now, i need u to promise that u will be strong too,
and keep holdin on,
coz i dont wanna be the only one holdin on,
coz it will hurt me the most when i realise im alone standing strong at the end.



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