Thursday, April 12, 2012

stay strong

i have thought about it..
and finally i have decided..
i am going to stay strong and hold on to it..
im not sure how far we can go but when seeing my best friend once in my condition too,
and finally has been accepted,
i felt hope..

i might get hurt or happy in da end,
but for now, i wanna appreciate everythin that is happening to me,
i dont wanna think of our future,
coz i noe God has His own ways for you and me..
so for now, all i could ask for u is to stay strong and hold on to me..
coz im not gonna let go..
as long as there is the littlest hope,
as long as i am still breathing,
as long as i am still in love with u,
i will keep holding on..

love makes me realise ur significance.


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