Thursday, April 19, 2012


not really sure what to post for today..
what i am sure is da word busy has not faded away from my life..
just finished UAK today and yeah, this is the only time i can rest and do something i like..
before i have to start doing 5 reflections for 3 different subjects..
and the great thing is im gonna have to hand it in tomolo...
and then we will be havin first aid workshops which will take up da whole weekends..
and then folio for girl guide and not to mention the log book has to be handed in on mon...

its not the case of me procrastinating..
but its the case where things juz keep coming in merciless..
i guess this is the life of a student right?
even after finish studying, the word tired does still exist right?
and in that time, where will the "me-time" goes?

i wan my me-time~


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