Monday, April 30, 2012

im fine.

i felt really funny when ppl are asking bout my personal life.. all i could answer is my personal life is fine and there is nothing wrong with it.. we're still together and love one another... so what's with the fuss about my personal life? even my mom n dad didnt even ask bout it nor did they suspect anything, so what's the point of judging my own personal life?

everyone has their different styles of dating or "coupling".. and yes, we're different.. we date in our own ways, we are romantic in our own ways, we love one another in our own way but the most important thing here is that we still respect one another and make sure that we trust one another.. that's all.. ignore fancy gifts, sweet words and 24 hours "bodyguard-like" around u.. though i love to stick around with my boy, but i hav my own time with my girl-friends as well as him and his buddies as well..

and the next thing i would like to actually stress on is that though i hav my boy as well as my boy having me, it doesnt mean that we should stop making friends with other guys or girls right? i mean my boy trust me and that im given the freedom to make friends with anyone i want except if that person would harm me.. so why make a big issue when i hav a close guy friend here? jzu bcoz im being seen hanging out with my guy friends more than my boy in college doesnt mean im hooked on them.. so dont judge my personal life based on what u see or listened to.. its juz too cruel to simply label someone's r/ship when everythin is going perfectly well..

this post is not meant to blame anyone or asking ppl to stop being nosy about my personal life.. but as a sharing and to tell everyone that im fine and nothing is happening like what ur picturing in ur brain.. hehe.. im still happy with my personal life and im still carrying out my normal duties as a student, a daughter, a friend and as someone's girl.. that's all.. and if there is any parts whre ur curious, u juz gotta tell me instead of making it worse by telling others where they will interpret wrongly.. im ok in clarifying things up, juz that u gotta ask me.. and dont ever interfere with my friendship with anyone since u have no rights to do so with ur words..



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