Sunday, April 15, 2012

happy bday to me..

finally reaches 20 years old..
thanx to God for allowing me to be alive till now..
thank u Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me to experience so much miracles and Your presence in my life all this while..
and thank u Lord for giving me chances to experience life..

thank u to both my mommy n daddy for giving me a chance to see the world..
now im a big girl and its my responsibility to take good care of u two..
thanx to my loved one for being wit me this year for my bday..
i wish that u will owes celebrate this important day with me every year..
i know there's no promises but at least im hoping for it..
thanx to my best friends for remembering my bday and da delicious cakes..
u noe its fattening for me and yet u still but my favourite ones.. thanx so much!
thanx to all those who wished in fb either thru writing on my walls as well as thru messages..
i appreciate every single thoughts..
and thanx to both my friends who are couple for their unexpected gift..
da gift meant a lot to me.. =)

and thanx to those who prayed for me, showered me with love and food (hehe), and ur warmest thoughts and care.. thank u so much and my prayers are with all of you.. love all of u loads.. xoxo.. =)



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