Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

1 January 2016.
A new year and officially, one year older.
Today's post is basically to recap on the previous year's resolutions and setting up new and improved ones.
So, 2015 resolutions are:

1. Work hard, find ways to upgrade myself in terms of career.
Outcome = Yes, i did work my ass off and am still upgrading myself everyday in my career. Still learning new things and gaining ideas to incorporate in my teaching process.

2. Enjoy hard, find ways to enjoy this life in cheaper options.
Outcome - does waffles and ice creams considered? Well, reflecting on the whole year, I hardly had the time and energy as well as the company to enjoy hard. The only time I enjoyed was stuffing myself with chocolate waffles or ice creams or sleep through the afternoon or weekends. Pathetic? Try to be in my shoes.

3. Spoil hard, find ways to spoil myself at least once in four months in order to show appreciation to myself.
Outcome - I didnt do it. I didnt go spoil myself and I didnt appreciate myself. Reflecting to 2015, I didnt really buy myself good shirts or shoes or anything to reward myself. This is sad.

4. Last but not least, love. Love people around me and try to appreciate them in everything they do for me.
Outcome - Yes, I love everyone around me especially my colleagues who were tremendously helpful in helping me to get along and not stumble. And I did my best to appreciate them even though with a simple smile and "thank you." But, I haven't met anyone worthy enough to be my "the one". 

And thus is the reflection of me in 2015. Therefore, I made another new list of resolutions which would be almost the same with the previous ones as I dont really hit the goals I set. So, here it goes:

1. Work hard in my career and learn whenever I am given the chance to do so.
2. Enjoy when I have time with the littlest efforts or in cheapest manner.
3. Sign up for zumba classes and get some sweats off during the weekends.
4. And last but not least, love. Try opening up myself and give myself a chance to meet others.

And that's it. Updates will be coming soon and to all, have a blessed New Year.



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