Wednesday, October 5, 2011


well, today is juz like any other normal days where we woke up early, go to class, and havin lectures depending on the availability of da lecturers and den go back, rest and yeah, have some time on its own.. well, BIG phase 2 has been completed by doin community service at SK. Bunga Raya where we carry huts, chop down trees, drawing mural and of course da best part for me is to hav LOTSA coconuts! haha.. there were like so many coconuts and i was like feasting on it.. haha.. next, UAK is comin and its on nxt monday.. kinda worried but got da confidence and enthusiasm to study so i guess its not a burden after all.. next, finals will be comin nxt mth and of course am not prepared.. well, im worried like a lot on da phonetics part.. i mean im reli bad in it and dependin on luck is not wat i hold these days..

well, preparations will be done soon, maybe after UAK.. hehe.. and then thrs upcomin class dinner like evry year and kinda confused on wat to wear tat night.. mayb simple but elegant? or mayb simple, casual and a lil sexy? depends la.. hehe.. and last but not least, plannings for events in my head is goin on and hopefully im able to accomplish it wit my current budget.. hmm, c how la.. anywayz, yeah, juz updates bout me currently.. doesnt hav any inspiration to write emo or sweet posts juz yet.. haha...



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