Tuesday, October 25, 2011


exams coming and yes, im waiting for it to get over with.. though am not fully prepared and havent even revise for other subjects, but i had this will tellin myself that i can do it this time and that by da time da test come, im already fully prepared.. and da only thing i can hope for is that may i dont get panic during exam and forget evrythin.. nevertheless, nervous still there especially on phonetics paper.. sigh.. well, i'll juz hav to study as much as possible and most importantly, using my luck to get over wit tat paper..

but b4 exam, im waitin for a good getaway with my piggy.. and for that, i super hope that evrythin will go well and at least let me hav a bit fun b4 gettin back to these hectic environment filled with books, notes, ppt slides and of course brains... =)



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