Friday, October 7, 2011


i moved on and im happy u moved on..
and this time, ur name and evrythin bout u will be erased completely..
thanx for da wonderful n dark past..
now im leaving those behind..
and moving on wit wat i have now,
which is so much and far more better than wat u gave me..

thanx for da coldness and loneliness u gave me in da past,
it taught me a lot,
thanx for tryin to find da key,
and lucky for me tat u din find it at all.

and now im happy wit da light tat found me,
da light tat makes me feel contented wit evry single moment,
da light tat makes me forget evry single piece of u,
and da light that constantly remind me that he will not leave me alone.

that's wat i need. someone who will not leave me all alone. someone who needs me like how i need him. someone that makes me feel secure. someone whose not ashamed of me. someone who treats me as a pillow to hug when he's happy or sad, instead of searching me when needed and throwin me away when not needed. and someone who loves me as much as i love him.

guess wat? i found him when i moved out from da past.

=i love my light=


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