Friday, October 21, 2011

hols. =(

oct hols is here and like wat is expected, evryone had went back home to celebrate da hols wit their families and loved ones.. but hols doesnt reli means hols when exams is waitin after it.. but i think it would be of great fun and enjoyment for them to spend da hols at their original comfort zone, with their families and loved ones instead of gettin stuck here wit da condition whr water is difficult to predict its availability...

as for me, i took da decision of not goin back bcoz i reli wanna focus on my studies here.. i mean gettin too comfy wit my comfort zone tends to make me lazy so i took tis daring decision to stay here though money is a little bit uptight.. but i think i can wait till da long hols.. my piggy went for holidays and comin back soon to spend time wit me.. and i simply cant wait for tat.. i think im gonna miss him a lot.. huhu.. and i think im missing home too when evryone is goin back.. sigh. its ok, i juz hav to bear for a few days and then i will be able to hang out wit him again.. hope evrythin will go well for me and for others.. =)

=missing u already=


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