Thursday, October 6, 2011


well, after havin a wonderful sleep right after calling, now this is me.. feeling much more better than last nite and for sure, with no more anger inside, i juz feel much more lighter.. i guess at times i juz need to cry when i needed to like what is shown in da pics.. i admit im a crybaby.. i mean i cry at da slightest pain or even by watching movies where thrs all da touching scenes which are tear-jerking.. haha.. well, i juz cant control myself from crying ok.. its not a sign im weak or wat, but at times i feel so much more better after crying all out..

to my dear, sorry.. sorry for saying da word sorry again.. haha.. sorry for feeling so insecure with myself.. sorry for not being confident about my look and get intimidated when others are prettier than me.. sorry for making u see my weaker side.. and sorry for havin to listen to my crying(s)..

=i dont wana lose u=


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