Thursday, August 22, 2013

Youtube love!

Ok, let me clarify my title above...
Its should be called my love to the youtubers!
well, i have been blasting myself with lots of funny videos that actually reflects on our everyday life..
and seriously, there were several youtubers that made me laughed till i got tears in my eyes..
and i should mentioned the most important point is that when they started to make me laugh with their funny and not nonsense-type of video, it makes me feel that they are kinda cute...
mayb i need those laughs so that my life would look beautiful...
and with these youtubers' constant updates on their video, my life felt completed.. haha..

so some links to their videos which i felt super funny are right below.. check them out and also all their other videos and subscribe them! they make your life worth laughing at.. haha...

some of the video inspired me, some makes me laugh, some makes me feel life is indeed beautiful.. =D



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